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We believe in cutting through complexity and revolutionising the way you think about risk, by automating risk analysis and allowing resources to concentrate on risk management. We achieve this with software that automates information requests, analysis and management of each risk through an effective risk treatment plan. Each risk is seamlessly identified, categorised and managed, providing your business with simple, reliable and adaptable data intelligence to help business make informed decisions.


Lee BristowChief Technology Officer

Lee is an accomplished leader, he is skilled in directing and inspiring technical and cross-functional teams to deliver projects and solutions with the customer at its core. With over 20 years of experience, Lee has a proven record in managing numerous technologies, product portfolios and risk and compliance domains. During his career, Lee has worked at several organisations until he joined forces with Patrick Ryan to revolutionise the risk management
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domain with the introduction of Phinity. Lee is known to be an evangelist of integrated risk management and very comfortable doing so no matter if it is a board meeting, an event or a one-to-one chat. Lee's vision is to to make risk management accessible, clear and easy to use throughout any business.

Lynn MartinChief Operating Officer

Lynn Martin's (CRISC, CISA, CDPSE, CIPP/M, CIPP/T) background is in business and IT consulting. Lynn started her professional career at Andersen, later joining The Clicks Group. Lynn spent 6 years at KPMG, leaving as an Associate Director to join Patrick Ryan to start Mobius Consulting in 2012. Lynn has over 20 years of experience in the consulting world, and although her expertise and history are very much IT focused, Lynn thoroughly enjoys the business side of consulting.

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This brings a good balance to Lynn's consulting style and allows her to be diverse in approaching technical and operational solutions. Working at Mobius has refined Lynn's skills and dedication to everything related to the company, digitisation and consulting. Lynn is currently focused on growing new markets for Phinity and the Mobius Group, which involves assisting new regions to establish as well as helping existing businesses to improve and grow.

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Patrick RyanManaging Director

Patrick has over 25 years of information risk and cyber security consulting experience, having worked for some of the largest professional service firms in Africa, the USA and the UK. Patrick was a founder of Mobius Consulting in 2012 and, after recognising the need for automation within the industry he founded Phinity Risk Solutions in 2016. Patrick has helped lead Phinity’s vision to become a leading integrated risk management solution, with a focus on helping

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companies automate their risks from an operational, and not theoretical, level – freeing up risk professionals to mitigate risks and providing real-time risk information to decision makers.

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We build and distribute innovative software that discovers, manages and mitigates business risk.


We are a leading global integrated risk management software company.