Phinity is a partner-first organisation Become a partner with Phinity and help your customers ensure sustainable growth.

Our partners are on a journey with their clients and after harnessing the power of the Phinity Integrated Risk Management platform, they are able to leap-frog their clients’ business processes into a state of maturity.

We help our partners tailor the right solutions to the needs of their clients.

The word partnership means that both parties benefit from working together, and together we can introduce powerful, Integrated Risk Management solutions to organisations worldwide.
- Lynn Martin, Chief Operations Officer for Phinity Risk Solutions.

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  • We support your digital journey with your customers
  • Let’s solve Risk and Compliance problems together
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Our partner options

Managed Risk Service Provider

Manage your clients' specific IT risk programs as a Managed Risk Service Provider. Subscribe to a discounted Phinity license per client who has outsourced their IT security and compliance to you.


Recommend Phinity to clients who are evaluating risk management solutions. Referral partners receive full support from Phinity throughout the full sales cycle. We will align with you on client requirements, implementation, and training to ensure the best results for you and your clients.


Resell the Phinity platform to your clients. Phinity will remain involved and provide full support to you and your client throughout the sales process and beyond.

We are a partner-first business

We nurture long-term, sustainable relationships with our partners who are at the cold face of solving problems

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Learn what partners mean to us

One size does not fit all - that is the reason why a key aspect of our program is to work flexibly with our partners.
We allow a multifaceted approach whereby our partners can operate different partnership models simultaneously as we believe it is integral to support our partners in the way they run their business.

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What our partners have to say about us


Phinity have enabled our team to execute complex ISMS and cybersecurity implementations in a much smoother way. Its innovative user-friendly tools enabled our client to complete what we before thought time consuming tasks in a more simplified with higher quality. Furthermore, Phinity helpful supportive team and availability increased our clients trust in their ability to deliver exceeding their expectations.


Hatem Elsafty

Head of Consulting & Outsourcing Services

Peter C.
Peter C.
Service is outstanding Excellent teamwork ☺What we like most about this software is that it is flexibility, configurable and we are able to customize it. ☹There is nothing we least like about this software.
Kevin D.
Kevin D.
PRS Review Phinity Risk Solutions offers one single platform that integrates all elements of risk management from procurement risk to information security risks. ☺Bulk Onboarding of suppliers Very customisable to cater for any organisations internal processes Integration across the different modules of the platform Automated triggering of different supplier assessments based answers to initial onboarding due diligence ☹Dashboard Reporting is acceptable, but can be improved upon.
Dindo G.
Dindo G.
Phinity is very good quality tools for ISMS requirements ☺The Phinity software is a very customizable solution for ISMS requirements, very useful in running our Business Impact Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Asset Classification. Its easy to navigate, easy to extract data and good quality tools for ISMS ☹The search functionality and filtering of search results need enhancement. i.e. having dedicated search and filter functions that are always visible to users, above the table rather than in table/columns format similar to Excel filtering. Be able to choose the Register table column directly by the users when looking at the data.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Phinity Platform Review The Phinity platform is very intuitive and easy to use. It offers a wide range of features which allow an organisation to manage their risk from a holistic perspective. With the ever growing list of features, I have no doubt that this platform will continue to grow in a positive and upwards direction. ☺- The platform is very easy to configure and allows for many use cases. - The support team behind the Phinity platform is superb and friendly. - New feature requests are considered and implemented very quickly. - As it is a SaaS solution, with the remote working conditions currently experienced around the world, all employees can continue to make use of the platform regardless of their location. ☹- Cant fault the platform at this stage.
Juan-Pierre H.
Juan-Pierre H.
Third Party Due Diligence Made Easy ☺Easy to create customisable questionnaire and email templates, straightforward to add a third party to the system, easy to add data fields to the system, straightforward to generate questionnaires and send to a third party, the system notifications that a response has been received, capturing review comments against responses from a third party in the review screen. ☹No high level questionnaire status overview dashboard, unable to access at a granular level responses data via a direct feed
Yazeed P.
Yazeed P.
Feedback Good - As it allows us to manage our processes efficiently. The support team has been excellent ☺- Easy to manage client assessments - Manage timelines - Administrative are automated - through notifications - Allows for processes to be centralised - Easy to navigate ☹- Reporting on each Binder and having questions, answers, reviews on one document report - Not available. - Have more features relating to reporting. - The do it yourself approach wants training has been done - need more support there i.e. explain assessment functionality better and provide support on this more
Abigail S.
Abigail S.
Abigail review Business problems solved with Phinity: 1. Compliance risk assessments 2. Cyber risk assessments 3. Annual compliance declarations Determine the exceptions and outliers, which in turn provides the data for Compliance and Internal Audit to base their audit scopes on ☺Easy to use Value for money Easy to implement ☹Nothing negative to note about the software
Dillon P.
Dillon P.
Dillon Petersen Review ☺very easy to setup and deploy the questionnaire ☹Outstanding assessments just gets greyed out (easy to miss) would be nice if it could be color coded depending on how long the assessment is incomplete
Wiehan J.
Wiehan J.
Phinity review as a previous User and Administrator of the software. ☺The product is really easy to use, and if you use the specific modules for the specific purpose for what it was developed you would be extremely happy with the product. ☹When I used the product it was still fairly new however during the 2 years that I worked with the product I have seen the various improvements and additions that were made to enhance the product. All the questions around usability was address, however I still would like to see the reports be presented in a better extracted version. (e.g. PDF) with more consolidated reporting.
Roelien H.
Roelien H.
Using the Expedient module The support team is friendly and always willing to help ☺using Expedient has streamlined our project opening and administration process. Opening and capturing important project information is now more automated and central. ☹Nothing at this stage that has impacted the ability to use the software