Growthpoint leverages the Phinity TPRM Solution to assess IT Vendors

With Phinity, Growthpoint was able to mature their TPRM from Level Zero to Level Five in less than 6 months.

Case Study

Customer:  Growthpoint
Industry: Property
Headquaters: South Africa
Employees: 1,000+

About Growthpoint

Phinity Risk Solutions

The Phinity Risk Solutions platform integrates into your risk and compliance processes to help you decrease your risk exposure. Boost your risk management capability and manage your organisational risks, from identification through to remediation with the help of our powerful solutions. Make informed decisions faster with our strong and relevant reporting based on your risk and compliance data.

Customer Project

Driven by the CIO, Growthpoint decided to implement TPRM as a new part of the companies Risk Management Strategy. The TPRM focus was on assessing IT vendors to identify if they have missing key controls. The goal was to get greater visibility into the potential risks that Growthpoint is exposed to.


When collecting the TPRM requirements, Growthpoint realized that the manual approach would be too time-consuming; it would also not deliver the needed level of visibility.


Implementing Phinity allowed Growthpoint to automate their TPRM efforts fully. The automation drastically reduced the time otherwise needed for the project and helped achieve the critical goal of visibility.