Make Lasting Improvements and Strengthen Your Business Through Effective Risk Treatment and Corrective Actions


A central, continuous, trackable and reportable log of all risk treatments and corrective actions. Effective workflow, automation and escalation is essential to track remediation, transfer or mitigation of risks in a visible and auditable manner.


Resilience provides a central digital platform to ensure a consistent, visible and trackable visualisation of risk treatments. Have a birds-eye view of the corrective action plans being implemented in consultation and with review from relevant stakeholders and accountable parties.

For each risk identified during assessments, ensure the following:

ResilienceSpecify agreed treatment and corrective action plans - Workflow, automation and escalation.

ResilienceSpecify the treatment option agreed - Avoid, reduce, share/transfer or accept.

ResilienceSpecify a target resolution date - Ensure business KPI’s are met.

ResilienceDocument the treatment and corrective action plans  -Outline the approach, relationships and interdependencies.

ResilienceAssign an appropriate responsible owner – Assign an owner to  implement the agreed treatment and corrective action plan.

ResilienceAssign accountable parties – Assign ownership to review that the agreed treatment plan is implemented.

ResilienceAssign informed parties - Monitor and report on progress of the treatment plan implementation.

ResilienceSpecify the agreed treatment or corrective action - Accept, mitigate, avoid, transfer and/or closed.

Resilience Integrated Risk Treatment and Corrective Actions

Defined expectations of the detail of treatment plans required for each risk level, enables you to track and report on remediation in real time for effective risk management. It’s a central digital registry that automatically assigns tasks to responsible parties, providing a trackable and auditable process with assurance.

Reduce Risk In A Measured And Trackable Way To
Help Meet Your Objectives

The scale and probability of cyber and operational risks is growing daily. Ensuring a controlled, repeatable process for managing these threats is paramount.