Lee Bristow at the 2022 National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

Lee Bristow presents on automating Procurement Compliance and the value of combining risk, automation, and ethics for digital transformation. 

At the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition in May 2022, our Director, Lee Bristow, spoke on the value of automating Procurement Compliance and took a deep dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lee then closed by sharing a few case studies and highlighted the successes, failures, and what organisations should avoid when embarking on their automated Procurement Compliance journey. Learn more about how our Procurement Compliance solution can benefit your organisation.

In October, Lee was invited back to the Conference & Exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland, to share how companies can embrace digital transformation by combining risk, automation, and ethics. While this might appear impossible, it is a strategy that could revolutionise how your business operates and succeeds in the digital world. Lee delivered a compelling presentation on this topic.

During the same event, Lee moderated a panel discussion between fellow industry experts; the topic was “Digital Transformation in 2023: A New Tech Order for Scotland”.

Contact us if you are ready to automate labour-intensive processes and enjoy peace of mind while effectively managing your risks. 

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