Introducing Lee Bristow: Chief Technology Officer at Phinity Risk Solutions

Lee Bristow comes from a computer engineering background, with several years of experience in technical systems administration, project management and business development. With all his expertise, experience and knowledge combined, Phinity Risk Solutions was the perfect touchpoint in his career. This has given him the scope to use his skillset to innovate and re-create the way business processes integrate risk management.

The appeal of the Phinity software suite to Lee was the ideal opportunity for him to pick up on a product that he could design, develop and market, take ownership of and run with passion.


Organically grown, Phinity was developed and innovated from the very first problem, of how do people scale risk and compliance efforts to meet the growing demand of business and regulatory bodies?

Phinity is a unique, hyper niche piece of technology, designed for very specific purposes. “If you want to achieve accurate third-party risk management, application risk management or manage resilience within your organization, then the Phinity Suite is for you because the products are tailor-designed to bring the solutions you need,” says Lee Bristow.

Phinity Risk Solutions is not an off-the-shelf software, like any other, it is custom-built through actual use cases and is built to resolve operational problems through innovation and technology.

There are some competitors in the market, however, what differentiates Phinity is how versatile the products are and the fact that they have been positioned as a ‘problem-solving system’ from the ground up.

“Every piece and feature of the Phinity software suite was brought together by a collaboration between customers, design teams, marketing teams, and channel partners all collaborating to essentially help our customers address risk. A lot of our partners have been doing this manually for several years and they’ve been feeling the pain from an operational perspective. We have looked to address this through automation in Phinity,” says Lee.


Phinity is new, built from the ground up and designed with a passion for bringing solutions to business needs. The product suite is innovative at its core and unparalleled in its effectiveness and ability to vastly improve risk management within any company. The products included in the suite are Triplicity, Procensus, Resilience, Expedient and soon to be Noviculum. Each of the products has a unique set of unparalleled capabilities that are embedded within them.
The powerful integrated risk management suite of software solutions identifies, profiles, assesses and reports operational risks so that you can visualise your risks and track each one through to remediation, on a single platform.

The solutions that have been put together within Phinity revolve around integrated risk management. “Integrated risk management is about taking people, technology and process and underpinning that with a whole bunch of data points. This combination provides effective decision support to your executives and risk professionals,” says Lee.

The Phinity Risk Solutions software suite is implemented over a strategic time frame depending on the maturity of an organisation. Phinity experts will enter an organisation with a perspective of moving customers from where they are in terms of risk management and eventually into a maturity level where they are ready for automation. For this reason, Phinity recommends that you use one of our trusted integration partners.

“When an organisation opts into the Phinity toolset together with the consulting/implementation services from one our trusted and skilled partners, the value is returned a lot faster” says Lee.

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