Phinity Risk Solutions wins the 2021 Max Blecher Innovation award

Phinity Risk Solutions is proud to announce that it is the winner of the 2021 Max Blecher Innovation Award!


The 2021 Max Blecher Innovation Award is provided to an individual and/or organisation that has developed fresh new insights, developments, tools or techniques to promote the field of information security (IS) risk management, audit & assurance, governance, security and cyber security.

This award is a team award, presented to the Phinity team as a whole, for the innovation and thought leadership shown in developing the Phinity Risk Management platform.

What makes Phinity Risk solutions unique is that Phinity integrates into your risk and compliance processes, then uses robotic process automation (RBA) in the creation of better efficiencies. By combining risk management and RBA, this ensures risk stewardship across an organisation removing several risks and compliance challenges faced by most modern businesses today.

Boost your risk management capability, from identification through to remediation, with Phinity to help you make informed decisions faster, with strong relevant risk reporting metrics.

A Message from Lee Bristow, CTO for Phinity Risk Solutions

South African-born and based in Dublin, Lee Bristow has over 20 years of experience in technology, product management, risk and compliance. For the last 5 years, his focus has been on a new vision for risk management, making it accessible, engaging and simple.

It was a great honour for me to have accepted this award on behalf of the Phinity team. Each member of the development, design and management teams have worked together to create the Phinity Platform and help realise our company vision, of being a leading global integrated risk management software company.

Lee Bristow, CTO for Phinity Risk Solutions
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